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About Terim

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TERIM is an Italian Home Appliance leading manufacturer,  Located in Modena, Northern Italy, has been running its manufacturing business since the 60's. Today Terim is well known for its advanced cooking solution not only for its home and also for its commercial usage. 

Terim is one of the first Italian manufacturers of kitchen appliances.,Making a very humble beginning of manufacturing free standing cooker mainly of 45 cm. wide free standing gas cookers, heaters , gas stoves. and Heating appliances. These remained the chief products of the range until the end of the 70s when the company decided to focus on the production of cooking appliances , and a more export-oriented sales policy started to take place.

As per this policy Huge resources were invested in research, development and modern technology which led to the introduction of new models of cookers covering almost all the dimensions between 45 and 100 cm. width and almost all the gas or electrical cooking combinations.

Moving forward in late 80s, the company launched a full range of built-in ovens and built-in hobs. In the early 90s Terim was approached by many leading appliance to started manufacturing appliances under license to major international appliance companies (Bosch,Seimens, Electrolux, Whirlpool, ...). This played a key role in the outstanding growth the company has had during the last 10 years. 

Always ready to catch the changes in market demands, in the year 2000 the company launched a brand-new range of semi-professional cookers becoming the manufacturer with most complete, innovative and intriguing cooking range available on the global market.

With growth taking priority In March 2004 Terim acquired the assets of Areilos Spa, an Italian cooking manufacturer, which represented for years a strong competitor on both domestic and foreign markets. Followed in July 2009 acquiring d a fully-integrated factory in Turkey (Anakonda). After modern renovations, the operations in Turkey started at the end of 2009 with the production of all families of free standing cookers and 60 cm. built in ovens and hobs.

Terim's products are distributed worldwide in more than 35 countries, under three well known brand names “Terim/Xper/Fratellionofri Annual turnover around 100 mln. Euros with more than 300,000 satisfied customer worldwide

Looking forward in changed Business Dynamic

With the changed environment, of management and ownership in Feb 2015 the new firm decided to make itself closer to its customer. it was decided to have additional office based in Middle East to reach to 35 % of our customer base. 

By the end of 2014  the strategy was formalised and Middle East subsidiary was created with the intention to increase its market share in the region and achieve at least 25 % of the market share in the category of free standing cookers, built in ovens , Hoods and Hobs. 

In order to support our customer and provide best complete kitchen solution, it was decided that Terim would enter new categories namely Refrigerators, Air conditioner, water dispensers. Water heater ...etc 

Dubai being the Hub of Middle East , was selected to be city for starting the new era of terim.